Dialogue in the Dark India

Started in Germany by Dr. Andreas Heinecke in 1988, Dialogue in the Dare (DOD) is a series of experiences that lets those with sight get an idea of what its like to be blind. Over 6 million people from 110 cities across the world have experienced (DOD) and this has been brought to India by ACE Experiences. Based in Hyderabad, DOD India, leverages visually impaired guides, to put individuals in everyday situations, like crossing the road, or going to the supermarket. While blind-folded, and in complete darkness they get to understand what’s it like to be blind. Other than the real-world experience, DOD India offers a ‘Taste of Darkness’ where participants are blind-folded and served a meal in total darkness, by visually-impaired waiters. They also organize executive workshops for corporations and educational workshops for schools to sensitize them about issues related to being visually impaired.

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