Chulein Aasman – Salim-Sulaiman & Farhan Akhtar. MARD – HWGO Initiative. 2014

“Chulein Aasman” is a song about female emancipation, a song about freeing women from the roles that they have been coerced into playing for centuries. (Use captions to see translation in English)

It highlights the importance of equal opportunity, possibilities and the impact it can have on women.

MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) is a progressive movement for a more gender equal world . MARD initiative focuses on creating awareness against the increasing number of crimes against women. It is an effort targeted at men to re-think their own value system and be the catalyst for change

Joining hands with Google’s ‘Helping Women Get Online’ initiative, MARD (started by Farhan Akhtar) stands to inspire change in society, to gather support for women empowerment. The jointly promoted campaign will look to generate awareness around the need to get women online as well as encourage existing users to help get more women online, and spread awareness of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

Song – Chulein Aasman
Singers – Farhan Akhtar & Salim Merchant
Composed, Arranged & Produced by – Salim & Sulaiman Merchant
Lyricists – Farhan Akhtar & Shraddha Pandit
Exclusive Administrator & Publisher – Farout Media
Sub-Publisher & Record Label – Times Music
Cover Art – RIVA Digital
Video Producer – Canvas Talent
Director – Vineet Sawant

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